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zola's 1st birthday


we blinked and she was 1!

so naturally, like any crazy dog loving parents, we had to have a photo shoot and get are pup a nice big treat she could blow her first candle on.

we keep asking our selves - how the f@*% did time pass so fast! It feels as if we had are first cuddle sesh yesterday when in fact we got Zo back in september of last year and i guess you can say our whole world pretty much changed from then on. we always knew we wanted a dog, and knew that we would probably be totally obsessed, but never did we think we would end up here - a whole company inspired by this little four legged piglet. Zola’s cute little pig like personality inspired our brand name oink and lead to a collection of dog accessories that we believe reflect her personality as well.

we're so excited to see where this next chapter in our lives is going to take us and where we'll be next year when we're celebrating her second bday. 


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