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how to easily get your dog to wear their harness


we know that every dog is different. some dogs love new things.. and some growl the minute you try to pick them up. which means that some doggos will slip into their dog harness easily, and others will need a little more convincing. 


no matter what type of personality your dog may have, we found that these five steps will do the trick to get your pup wearing their dog harness like its their favourite new toy! incase you still aren't sure if a harness is right for you, we wrote a post all about the benefits of using one here.


let's get started

to get started on training your pupperino you’re going to need a quiet area with no distractions (no squirrels), some treats, a bit of patients and of course your dog's harness.


Step 1

first thing your going to want to do is introduce the harness to your dog by placing it on the floor in front of them and letting them smell and feel it. for some dogs that don’t like being touched this is the best way we found to get them used to it.


Step 2

now that your pup feels comfortable around their new dog harness its time to reward them with some treats and human love. to accomplish this task you’ll want to give them a treat when they show interest in the harness. you may also dangle the harness in front of them and reward your pup for giving the harness a sniff!


Step 3

now for the fun but really patient part of this magic trick. you will begin by holding your dogs harness in front of them and dangle a treat in front of the opening of the harness. once your pup gets curious and pokes their nose into the harness you will reward them. we recommend repeating this step a couple of times before slipping the entire harness over your dogs head. If they're comfortable, slip the harness over their head (a good trick for this is to lead their head through the opening by having them follow the treat).


Step 4

it’s important that you also reward your pup when you remove the harness so they are used too both the motions. i would also repeat placing and removing the harness on your pup before buckling them in.


Step 5

now that your dog’s harness is adjusted and buckled you might find that your dog won’t want to move around with it on and that’s completely normal. like riding a bike your dog needs to get comfortable wearing his new accessory so we recommend that you let them get used to the harness by allowing them to wear it around the house or in your backyard before you take them for there first walk in an environment you have no control over.


once you feel that your dog is comfortable wearing the harness, it’s time for you to take them on a walk that will consist of less pulling, more control and the piece of mind knowing your pup is less likely to get injured.

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