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DIY S'mores Dog Costume


I saw this costume floating around the internet last year and I knew I wanted to make it for my momma's dog Tootsie! It was soooo easy to make, literally easier than the loofah costume if you could believe it. Also, aren't you craving s'mores now?!?! 

If you want to make this deliciously looking costume for your pupperino, all the details are down below! We'll be posting a new DIY dog costume every Wednesday until halloween so stay tuned for more!



Total time: 1 hour


White Dog or Baby T-shirt (this will be used for the marshmallow)
1 Brown & 2 Beige Felt Sheets  (my sheets where 9x12")
Glue Gun



1. First thing we're going to want to do is start altering our white shirts which will act as the marshmallow! Begin by trimming the sleeves off to make it easier for your dog to get in and out of their halloween costume!

2. Now that our marshmallow is ready it's time to create the melted chocolate! I used a 9x12" brown felt sheet which I found draped the sides of Tootsies shirt nicely. So I would recommend that you place the shirt on your dog and then place your piece of felt on your pups back to see if you need more or less felt.

3. Once you have a good idea where you want the felt to be placed on your dogs shirt its time to get creative by using your marker to draw the outline of the melted chocolate on the felt. Start cutting out your outline and glue the felt to the backside of your pups shirt. Put the trimmings from the brown felt on the side as we're going to need some pieces for the next step.


4. Graham cracker Time! For this your going to need your cardboard, beige felt and some of the leftover brown felt trim we put on the side. I cut my cardboard to about 8x8in for Toots and hot glued the beige felt to it. I then cut some pieces of the brown leftover felt into tiny rectangles and squares, and hot glued them to add detail.


5. Once your gram cracker is ready you can hot glue it on top of the melted chocolate (brown felt) and your pups got themselves a new dog halloween costume you can showoff on their Insta!


    I love love love seeing dogs in their halloween costumes so please tag us on IG @oinkpetsupply if you get a chance to try out our DIY S'mores Dog Costume or any of our others!


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