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DIY Dog Friendly Banana Pancake Recipe


so we know #nationalpancake day was back in February, but... we were craving pancakes which means zola is craving pancakes. so we made pancakes!


it's just to hard to say nooo to that face! typically we don't like to feed zola table food unless its fruits and veggies (which she loves!), but we found a healthier alternative that doesn't contain tons of sugars or fats. the recipe also only contains 5 ingredients that you're most likely to already have at home! soo if your feeling extra generous and want to give your pooch a lil treat, these are the perfect snack and take only a few mins to prepare.

prep time: 5 mins

cook time: 2-3mins

makes: avrg. 12 mini pancakes


dog friendly banana pancakes


  • 2 ripe bananas
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 dash of cinnamon
  • 2 tbsp. coconut or buckwheat flour (don’t use all purpose flour as most dogs are allergic to wheat!)
  • coconut oil



1. in a bowl, smash up bananas and mix in eggs

2. stir in flour and cinnamon, let stand for 5 mins

3. heat a non stick pan and grease with coconut oil

4. add generous amount of batter onto hot pan until bubble start to appear. flip when golden brown

5. garnish with fresh fruit and serve!


leave us a comment below if you try out the recipe! don't forget to tag us on ig & fb #oinkpetsupply @oinkpetsupply so we can stalk you!


  • Oink

    Hey Sandra, glad you and Bruce enjoyed the dog friendly pancake recipe. Also we are definitely planning on making some more dog friendly recipes so stay tuned!

    - Oink Pet Supply

  • Sandra

    I tried these over the weekend for my french bulldog Bruce and he absolutely devoured them all lol. I hope you guys make some more recipes soon so i can try them out.

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