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DIY Dog Astronaut Costume






Total time: 1 hour



White baby onesie 
1 white, 1 red, 1 orange and 1 yellow piece of felt (my sheets where 9x12in)
Glue gun 
Plastic bottle (make sure it's the right size for your dog)
Silver acrylic paint
Paint brush



1. Start by cleaning your plastic bottle removing any labels. Paint 2-3 coats of your silver paint on the bottle, letting it dry completely in-between each coat.

2. For the rockets flames cut out 1 fire shape of orange felt and then 1 smaller flame from your yellow felt. Once you have your 2 pieces cut out hot glue the yellow felt to the orange felt. If you don't feel comfortable free handing your flames just do a quick google search for "fire clip art" that you can use as a template.

3. Add the flames to your plastic bottle to create your rocket by rolling the base of the fire small enough to fit inside the bottle top and adding hot glue. 

4. If you decided to purchase your own patches you may skip to step 5.

  1. For the NASA patch we used a combination of craft paper, felt and white paint. We started by cutting a circle out of blue craft paper followed by red felt for the boomerang looking part to add some dimension. Once we glued both pieces we cut out the letters from a NASA logo we printed online and then painted some white stars.
  2. Because Zola is a Canadian astronaut we went ahead and made her a Canadian patch out of white and red felt. We created the patch by cutting the full length of the flag out of the white felt and then glued the red decals to the top of the white.

5. For Zola's space suit we used a white baby onesie we found for $5 and decided to trim the back legs as they where a bit long. If you would like to straighten out the edges for the trimmed legs just roll them inside adding hot glue to keep them from unrolling.

6. Its almost time to suit up so lets put all the pieces together and head to the moon! Place the onesie on your dog and start marking where you want the patches and the rocket to be placed. Once you have your marks where you want them place the onesie on a flat surface and hot glue on the pieces.


And.. now you're ready for LIFT OFF! 


Ok, this might be one of our favourite costumes that we've made so far! If you made this for your pupperino for halloween tag on IG @oinkpetsupply #OinkHalloween! 


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