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benefits of using a dog harness


okay! so you’ve just purchased a dog harness or are on the fence about it because you aren’t to sure if it’s worth the money right? no worries we got the answer to your question so you and your pup can enjoy your daily walks with piece of mind!


dog harnesses are not just stylish dog accessories that come in a variety of shapes, patterns and colors to make your dog look super cute. they have multiple benefits that can help keep you and your pup away from the veterinarian’s office and keep your wallet feeling thick!! yes it may cost you a small some of money now but it can save you a lot more in the future.


the following three sub categories will allow you to understand the benefits of using a dog harness when taking your dog on a walk or any adventure you guys might have.


the puller

if you’ve ever been dragged down the street by your four legged friend, you know it isn’t a good time. but did you know using a collar to walk a puller can cause health issues for them and that a dog harness can help reduce the chances of your dog getting injured.


brachycephalic dog breeds such as pugs, french bulldogs and boston terriers are some of the many dog breeds that love to pull. they have respiratory problems and shallow eye sockets (referred to as protosis) which can cause their eyes to pop out easily. by using a dog harness you alleviate the pressure around the neck, allowing them to breath easier and reduce the risk of their eyes popping out of their socket (ew, ouch!).


It’s important to note that although a harness will help distribute the pressure around your dogs neck, it wont completely stop them from pulling you. It is up to you as an owner to train or get help training your pup not to pull.



the houndini

having your dog wear a collar is a great way to insure that if they get lost their ID tags will help get them home safe. this is why we believe you should never remove your dogs collar. but what if your dog has a narrow face and while on you walk using a collar he pulls a fast one and gets lose.


this can easily be resolved by having your pup in a dog harness which will insure that they wont be slipping away and they’ll be enjoying their walk comfortably.



the trainee 

training your puppy to not pull, jump or take off on you can be made easier and safer when using a dog harness. for example when training your puppy on a long lead, a dog harness can prevent your pup from hurting their throat from an abrupt halt caused by the end of your dogs lead. like we've previously stated the harness distributes the pressure around the body where as the collar keeps it concentrated around the dogs neck.


let us know which type of dog you have in the comments below!

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