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how to reverse your reversible dog harness

  so you received your super cute new reversible harness and you want to know how it works right? no problem! we've got an easy step-by-step guide to help you and obviously your adorable pup enjoy showing it off.   just follow the simple instructions below each image and you'll be good to go! step one: Start by flipping  your dog harness to the back and pull out the strap. step two: place the strap through the d-ring so that it is facing the inside of your harness. step three: grab both sides of the dog harness and flip it inside out to reveal your second pattern.  step four: lay your harness down and start rotating both buckles so that they...

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DIY Dog Astronaut Costume

           Total time: 1 hour   Supplies: White baby onesie 1 white, 1 red, 1 orange and 1 yellow piece of felt (my sheets where 9x12in)Glue gun Scissors MarkerPlastic bottle (make sure it's the right size for your dog)Silver acrylic paintPaint brush   Directions: 1. Start by cleaning your plastic bottle removing any labels. Paint 2-3 coats of your silver paint on the bottle, letting it dry completely in-between each coat. 2. For the rockets flames cut out 1 fire shape of orange felt and then 1 smaller flame from your yellow felt. Once you have your 2 pieces cut out hot glue the yellow felt to the orange felt. If you don't feel comfortable free handing your flames just do a quick...

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DIY S'mores Dog Costume

  I saw this costume floating around the internet last year and I knew I wanted to make it for my momma's dog Tootsie! It was soooo easy to make, literally easier than the loofah costume if you could believe it. Also, aren't you craving s'mores now?!?!  If you want to make this deliciously looking costume for your pupperino, all the details are down below! We'll be posting a new DIY dog costume every Wednesday until halloween so stay tuned for more!   DIY DOG S'MORES COSTUME Total time: 1 hour Supplies: White Dog or Baby T-shirt (this will be used for the marshmallow) 1 Brown & 2 Beige Felt Sheets  (my sheets where 9x12")Cardboard Glue Gun Scissors Marker   ...

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DIY Dog Loofah Costume

   If you know me well enough you know that DIY is my shit. I kinda live and breath for crafts. So naturally when i realized Halloween was coming up, I just had to whip out the glue gun and make Zola some costumes! Yes.. multiple!This Loofah costume is the first in our #HalloweenSeries and it was super easy to make with just a few things from the dollar store - and let's be honest its pretty freaking adorable!!! I think the whole thing costed like $8 and only took me two episodes of The Office to get her done. DIY LOOFAH DOG COSTUME Total time: 1 hour Supplies: Dog T-shirt (or baby onesie like i used)2 Loofah (may need more depending...

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how to easily get your dog to wear their harness

  we know that every dog is different. some dogs love new things.. and some growl the minute you try to pick them up. which means that some doggos will slip into their dog harness easily, and others will need a little more convincing.    no matter what type of personality your dog may have, we found that these five steps will do the trick to get your pup wearing their dog harness like its their favourite new toy! incase you still aren't sure if a harness is right for you, we wrote a post all about the benefits of using one here.   let's get started to get started on training your pupperino you’re going to need a quiet area with...

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